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This Is How AI Unlocks Epic Recurring Revenue Growth

With Tingono, the best Customer Success teams are now dollar-driven, turning noisy customer data into actions that boost Net Revenue Retention (NRR).
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What we do

In a nutshell, we help CS teams retain customers and sell more to them

AI + Automation helps you improve cross-sells, upsells, renewals, downgrades, and churn. We have you covered.
How we do it: Predict

Proactively uncover opportunities and risks

Our AI makes your customer data actionable so you can proactively capture expansion opportunities and prevent churn risks before they are an issue.
How we do it: Prepare

All your customer data in one view

Quickly understand how customers use your product, how many support requests have been logged, how much they spend, and so much more...
How we do it: Pursue

Turn insights into action so you can get more done

Tingono’s Generative AI technology is how CSMs scale, leveraging customer-ready, intelligently crafted content to get more done in less time.
How are we different

Tingono meets you where you are

Enjoy specific AI recommendations for every one of your unique customers.
Cheer because Tingono integrates with whatever CSP you use (e.g., Gainsight, Totango, etc.).
Smile because we onboard you in 7 days! You’ll see immediate impact on your customer revenue!
Celebrate alerts that notify you right where you work—in either Slack or Teams.

Some of the great teams we work with

JazzHR-Logo Mparticle Customer.IO Lever Auditboard Squire
JazzHR-Logo Mparticle Customer.IO Lever Auditboard Squire
Get a demo. However you like it best.
Interact with us if you choose. Or just watch a demo by yourself. However you prefer to do it, we’ve got you covered.
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