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How to Reduce Customer Churn in SaaS: 7 Common Causes and Solutions

John Bussiere
January 19, 2024

Customer churn is one of the biggest challenges for SaaS businesses. It refers to the rate at which customers stop using your product or service within a given period. Customer churn can have a negative impact on your revenue, growth, and reputation.

According to a study by Paddle, churn in September of 2023 is 10% higher than the year prior. That’s a lot of lost opportunities and wasted resources.

So, how can you reduce customer churn and retain more customers? Let's explore the top seven reasons why customers churn in SaaS and how you can address them with effective strategies and best practices.

1. Poor product-customer fit

One of the main reasons why customers churn is that your product does not meet their needs or expectations. This can happen when you target the wrong customers, fail to communicate your value proposition, or overpromise and underdeliver on your features.


To prevent this, you need to identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) and understand their pain points, goals, and desired outcomes. You also need to clearly articulate how your product can help them solve their problems and achieve their objectives.


You can use various methods to validate your product-customer fit, such as customer feedback surveys, user interviews, product usage analytics, and customer success metrics. By doing so, you can ensure that you are delivering value to your customers and that they are satisfied with your product.

2. Ineffective customer onboarding

Another common cause of customer churn is a poor onboarding process that does not help customers realize the value of your product quickly and easily. If your onboarding is too long, complicated, or generic, you risk losing customers before they even get started.


To improve your customer onboarding, you need to create a personalized and engaging experience that guides customers through the essential steps and features of your product. You also need to help them reach the “aha” moment, which is the point where they understand the core value and benefit of your product.


You can use various tools and techniques to optimize your customer onboarding, such as in-app walkthroughs, tooltips, modals, videos, emails, and chatbots. By doing so, you can increase customer activation, retention, and loyalty.

3. Poor customer service

Customer service is another key factor that influences customer churn. If your customers encounter any issues or questions while using your product, they expect to receive timely, helpful, and friendly support. If you fail to provide that, you risk losing their trust and confidence.


To enhance your customer service, you need to provide multiple channels and options for customers to reach out to you, such as phone, email, chat, social media, and self-service. You also need to train your support team to handle customer inquiries and complaints effectively and professionally.


You can use various metrics and indicators to measure and improve your customer service quality, such as customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), first response time, resolution time, and customer effort score (CES). By doing so, you can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

4. Lack of customer engagement

Customer engagement is another crucial factor that affects customer churn. If your customers are not using your product frequently or fully, they are more likely to lose interest and switch to a competitor. This can happen when your product is not easy to use, does not have enough features, or does not provide enough value.


To boost your customer engagement, you need to provide ongoing education and support to your customers and help them adopt and utilize your product’s advanced features and functionalities. You also need to provide regular updates and enhancements to your product and communicate them to your customers.


You can use various methods and channels to increase your customer engagement, such as in-app notifications, emails, newsletters, blogs, webinars, podcasts, and social media. By doing so, you can increase customer usage, retention, and referrals.

5. Technical issues

Technical issues are another common reason why customers churn. If your product is buggy, slow, or unreliable, customers will get frustrated and disappointed with your product. This can damage your reputation and credibility and make customers look for alternatives.


To prevent technical issues, you need to ensure that your product is tested, optimized, and secure. You also need to monitor your product’s performance and availability and fix any problems as soon as possible. You also need to inform your customers about any planned or unplanned downtime and provide them with updates and solutions.


You can use various tools and platforms to detect and resolve technical issues, such as bug tracking, error monitoring, performance monitoring, and status page. By doing so, you can ensure that your product is functioning properly and that your customers are happy with your product.

6. Involuntary churn

Involuntary churn is another type of customer churn that occurs when customers stop paying for your product or service due to reasons beyond their control, such as failed payments, expired credit cards, or canceled subscriptions. This can happen when your billing system is not flexible, transparent, or user-friendly.


To reduce involuntary churn, you need to provide multiple payment methods and options for your customers, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and others. You also need to remind your customers about their upcoming payments and renewals and notify them about any payment issues or failures.


You can use various tools and services to automate and streamline your billing and payment processes, such as recurring billing, dunning management, subscription management, and invoice management. By doing so, you can increase your revenue, cash flow, and customer retention.

7. Lack of product innovation

The last reason why customers churn is that your product does not keep up with the changing needs and expectations of your customers and the market. This can happen when your product is outdated, obsolete, or inferior to your competitors. This can make your customers feel that your product is no longer relevant or valuable to them.


To avoid this, you need to constantly innovate and improve your product and offer new features and functionalities that meet your customers’ current and future needs. You also need to listen to your customers’ feedback and suggestions and incorporate them into your product roadmap and development.


You can use various sources and methods to collect and analyze customer feedback, such as surveys, reviews, ratings, testimonials, user testing, and feature requests. By doing so, you can ensure that your product is aligned with your customers’ needs and preferences and that you are ahead of your competition.

Where Tingono can help

Customer churn is a serious problem for SaaS businesses that can affect their revenue, growth, and reputation. However, by understanding the common causes of customer churn and implementing the solutions and best practices we discussed in this blog post, you can reduce customer churn and increase customer retention.


But what if you could prevent customer churn before it even happens? That’s where we can help. Tingono is a powerful AI platform that can help you predict and prevent customer churn in your SaaS business. We look at signals from throughout your customer journey so that Tingono AI can automatically detect potential risks and even automate actions on your behalf. Tingono can help you:

  • Analyze your customer data and behavior and identify the key churn indicators and risk factors
  • Segment your customers based on their churn probability and propensity and create personalized retention strategies and campaigns
  • Monitor your customer health and satisfaction and alert you when a customer is likely to churn or needs attention
  • Provide actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve your product, service, and customer experience and increase customer loyalty and advocacy

With Tingono, you can turn your customer churn into customer success and grow your SaaS business faster and smarter. Book a free demo with us today and see how Tingono can help you reduce customer churn and increase customer retention.