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10 Must Read LinkedIn Posts: Revenue Growth (January 2023)

Carl Timm
January 26, 2023

There’s no question there is a wealth of information available on LinkedIn. The collective wisdom can be staggering.

Unbelieving dogSure, it can also be annoying sometimes. But we’ll save that rant for another day…


This post is a positive post about how to drive more revenue. 🥰


Specifically, we’re sharing 10 must-read posts that were shared in January 2023. The reason we’re sharing these is because they will help you drive more revenue. And this is, something you know, we care deeply about.


So, without further ado.

Post 1: Remember, revenue is a process!

We’re all on a journey. Building a business is a challenging but rewarding journey, for sure. And generating revenue is one of the primary outcomes.


But sometimes it’s easy to get antsy about the process. This post is a good reminder that it’s a long road. A process.


Post 2: Growth happens when customers stick around

You know we’re all about customer retention at Tingono. We talk about it A LOT (like a lot, a lot). And I won’t lie. Sometimes it’s nice to see someone else agree with our point, but with a different take…


Post 3: Key reminder of key SaaS metrics

A few of the posts shared below reference and expand on key SaaS metrics. So, I thought it might help to share one that provides a handy refresher on what a few of these terms are. Enjoy!


Post 4: Get ahead of customer expansion challenges

Similar to customer retention, we talk a lot about customer expansion. In fact, it’s the key driver to boosting your Net Revenue Retention. So, it’s definitely worth paying attention to.


This post suggests revenue expansion plays may be getting more difficult. Though, if that’s true, you have even more reason to catch a Tingono demo so you can get ahead of this challenge.



Post 5: There is value in using both GRR and NRR

We’ve made the case that NRR is the key metric for health SaaS growth. While that is true, this post makes a solid point about the value of monitoring both NRR and Gross Revenue Retention (GRR).


Plus, we always love a good leaky bucket reference!


Post 6: Do you know how to calculate your CAC Payback Period?

Even if you’re familiar with CAC and the Payback Period, this post has some key insights about how to incorporate variable revenue.


And, as the post asserts, this is super helpful in today’s environment.


Post 7: The potential connection between NRR and layoffs

Again, we’re big proponents of the value of monitoring and boosting Net Revenue Retention. It’s actually core to our mission!


As usual, Mr. Lemkin makes an astute point about the value of NRR. In this case, he believes it can help you avoid layoffs. We wish someone had posted more about this a year ago…


Post 8: Yes, even messy data can help drive revenue growth!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t share our own post about how valuable even messy data can be. Check out Parry’s series on how you can be data-driven with your revenue growth.


Post 9: How to improve your selling odds

One of the final steps involved with driving revenue is actually making a sale. This post provides some best practices in that effort. Or, more to the point, makes recommendations of things to definitely avoid…


Post 10: Driving revenue is hard work; take time to recharge

After all that work, you need a little you time. This post is super insightful, providing a great tip for how to keep yourself charging fast and avoiding burn out.


Bonus post: A little ChatGPT humor

Ok, after all this serious talk about revenue growth, we could use a good laugh. No? Why not check in with ChatGPT for that? Enjoy!




I hope these posts have been helpful and encouraging for you. If you’d like some help with your revenue growth, let’s talk! That’s why Tingono is here! 😎