Carl Timm

Carl Timm

Carl is a growth & marketing leader, fantasy reader, craft beer enthusiast, and DIY hacker who lives in the PacNW with his wife and three daughters.

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The future of Revenue Operations (RevOps)

If you’ve helped drive revenue in your company the last few years, you've probably discussed how to make revenue more predictable.

10 Must Read LinkedIn Posts: Revenue Growth (January 2023)

There’s no question there is a wealth of information available on LinkedIn. The collective wisdom can be staggering.

Net Revenue Retention: the key metric for healthy SaaS business growth

Business is all about growth, isn’t it? Healthy, sustainable growth.

Expansion revenue is the key to boosting NRR | Tingono

If your company doesn’t have an expansion revenue strategy, you need to get one. And fast!

The benefits of investing in digital CS tools

There have been a number of articles already written about the rise in popularity of Customer Success (CS). So we won’t rehash that topic. Rather, let’s ta...

The value of openly discussing revenue goals

Does your company or business unit openly discuss and track revenue goals? I suspect for many of you the answer is ‘no’.

Your best GTM investment during uncertain market conditions?

What’s the old saying? Opinions are like something everyone has…some body part…I’m a bit fuzzy on the details, but you get the point. I think.

The best decision-making model for healthy business growth

Data-driven decision making is all the rage in business. Do you want to fuel growth? Data-driven decision making! But what if there are other viable option...

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