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10 Must Read LinkedIn Posts: What’s Trending for Tingono (May 2023)

Lizzy Lane
June 02, 2023
  GTM SaaS

We just can't stay away... 


Here’s our round-up of what’s making us tick on LinkedIn from the past month. From tons of great customer success content to the experience of being a woman in tech, there’s been a lot to keep us occupied on there (almost too much... almost). 


Maybe we’ve gotten a little too caught up on it... 


But, why don’t we at least share some of the wealth with all of you?  


Without further ado, check out our favorite posts from the last month! 

1. The Value of Emotional Intelligence in today’s Workplace 

Emotional intelligence is something we all benefit from- it can make us better co-workers, bosses, and on both sides of the customer relationship.  


And it’s what differentiates us from robots- AI can do a lot for us but it still can’t replace that human touch.


We need it so that we can create those incredible experiences, whether that’s for our customers or within our workplace. 


Being intentional in growing our emotional intelligence is something we can all work towards. 


2. Ignoring CS Will Cost You 

We’ve seen it far too many times- shrugging off shrinking revenue with anecdotes. 


Like Markus says, it’s easy to blame the economy or a bad quarter or whatever. 


But taking responsibility and control for growing revenue through customer success is a far easier task than trying to plug the bucket down the line. 


3. Leaning Into Action Rather Than Just Watching

Saahil regularly drops gems here and we’ve featured him before- and this month has been no different. 


There’s nothing like doing the real thing that will improve you as a CSM, or really as anything. 


There are a lot of resources out there, and they can certainly complement your own skills, but they don’t replace plain old practice and getting your hands dirty. 


There are classes, there are webinars, and there are of course conferences everywhere (we’ve been to a few 😉 .) 


But really improving is going to take a little more- are you ready to take that bigger step? 


4. Taking Risks Pays Off 

There’s a right and wrong way to take risks- have you figured out what works for you? 


Everyone has a varied level of risk they’re willing to take, but ultimately, taking some risks can really pay off down the line. 


Whether that’s in your career, with a customer, or on your weekend, don’t be afraid to take risks- but maybe check out this handy guide first on doing it smarter. 


5. Wellness as a CSM 

Finding the happy medium between hard work and burning out can be tough- particularly for CSMs. 


We all want to get great results, but we also want to maintain our mental health and our boundaries. 


What are your thoughts? What are some ways that you’ve combatted burnout? 


6. Making the Leap: Women in Tech 

We loved the graphic on this one- women and gender non-conforming members of the tech community face a unique set of challenges. 


This one gives special attention to moms, which is fitting, seeing as this past month we celebrated Mother's Day 😊 


What are some ways you uplift the women in the tech community around you? 


7. Leaning on NPS: It Can Fool You 

NPS just isn’t doing it these days. 


And we’ve said it before: read Sami’s blog diving into just why it’s past its expiration on the customer success shelf. 


These scores just aren’t reliable enough for us to be using them as our main data on whether we think a customer will renew or not! 


Ed shares some great thoughts on just why NPS is failing too many of us- and gives an interesting alternative. 


8. Unexpected Inspiration Everywhere 

Sounds like Jack had a great vacation. 


(And we’re maybe a little jealous) 


We love that he brought home some anecdotes comparing this memory with his everyday life and work- it's an inspiring way of looking at things. 


9. Streamlined Revops 

Too many times RevOps is still misunderstood, but it’s not as challenging as it might sound. 


It really is as simple as aligning all parts of your business that are responsible for revenue. 


And because that’s most parts of your business- it can unify your strategy going across all levels. 

A common understanding is better for everyone, no? 


10. We’re All People- Even in the Face of Churn 

We loved Adi giving us an example of how to churn in perhaps a softer way than normal. 


Many of us struggle to understand tone over text or email messaging- despite all the time we’ve had them. 


And it can hurt when a customer lets you know they’re leaving with a too-short email and a lack of response to follow up. 


Can we all be a bit more mindful about how we interact with our POCs?