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How Tingono Adds a Refreshing New Intelligence Layer to Gainsight

Lizzy Lane
May 02, 2023

Gainsight changed the game for customer success in 2009 with its all-in-one tool for tracking customer engagement, measuring account health, and driving overall satisfaction. 


Gainsight quickly gained popularity amongst companies who had put a focus on driving customer loyalty, and they did it so successfully that plenty of “me too” companies entered the space as well. 



Together they have shaped the product category we know today as the CSP – Customer Success Platform. Think of a CSP as what a CRM is for Sales teams, a sophisticated system of record for tracking your customer success activities. 


The next evolution in the CSP space, however, requires more than just collecting data on customer behavior and tracking QBRs. 


To stay competitive, companies now need to tap into the power of AI. That's where Tingono comes in. 


Empowering Customer Success Management: Partnering Gainsight with Tingono 

Gainsight allows CS teams to better manage their accounts by giving them their own CRM. In it, they can track and assign tasks, take notes, reach out to clients in various ways, and it unifies customer metrics.  


This was what really made it special: it wasn’t trying to shoehorn CS into another platform, it was built with them in mind. 


But, traditional CSPs still suffer from two major limitations: 

  1. Health scores don’t do enough for CSMs 

  2. Suggestions based on health scores alone aren’t actionable 

By adding Tingono’s AI intelligence, we can extract even more value from the data provided by Gainsight. Gainsight provides a wealth of data on customers.


But next-level CSMs need superhuman data crunching (ie. Machine Learning) to analyze that data and identify what specific actions they should take.  


Tingono does exactly that. We use AI to analyze the data in Gainsight and provide more specific and actionable, use case-driven insights. 


One issue with Gainsight's current customer journeys is that they do not provide distinct enough feedback to be operative.


The health scores they provide are not tied to dollar-driven outcomes like churn prevention or expansion attainment.


They are built to be reliant on human intuition, and not directly focus on sales and revenue.


But ultimately, human intuition acting as the main driver of decision-making can quickly make things muddied. 


For example, a customer journey might warn that a customer is at some risk of churning.


But, it may not provide specific enough actions to stop that churn. 


The suggestions given from Gainsight’s health scores expect managers to make decisions based on their own gut.


These days, just knowing an account has a poor health score doesn’t do enough to help managers make the right decisions to retain those customers. 


CSMs need predictive insights that utilize the whole picture of the data available, rather than just what they might think, or what the customer is saying during a QBR, for example.


They need to be able to point to the specific customer behaviors that lead to a revenue-based outcome. 


Tingono provides predictions on both churn risks and expansion opportunities, and translates those predictions into actions your CS team can take to capture customer value. 


These actions can range from sending a personalized email or offering a discount to fully executing an install base marketing nurture campaign.


Some actions even go as far as changing the product or service offering. 


It’s about making your customers better! 

Patterns and predictive analytics: Firing Up Your Customer Success Motion 

Tingono can help companies identify patterns and trends in their data. Especially the ones that they might have missed without it. 


As we've said before, humans can only handle so much information at once. We can only aggregate so many small data points before they start to get lost in the shuffle. 


Our machine-learning models can do the heavy lifting for you. 7


They save customer success and account managers from having to analyze every customer situation manually. 


But, they can also vastly improve customer satisfaction and product usage, which enables companies to better identify areas for improvement in their product or service offerings.  


Too often, companies lean on descriptive analytics to glean insights about their churned accounts and apply basic rules to try and prevent these outcomes going forward. 


Tingono, on the other hand, builds truly predictive models using time series analysis so you get early warning systems for churn, and put your efforts into righting the ship.  


Similarly, Tingono’s predictive insights help teams identify new expansion opportunities at the right time so your sales teams can take early action to close more deals. 


Tingono is the difference between taking generic actions to support customer loyalty across your customer base and employing specific playbooks for each customer at scale.



We provide the insights that make your teams more effective. 


And all of this is accomplished using the historical data that's already in Gainsight, along with intelligent AI modeling.


It just makes sense. Why not leverage what you've already invested in to make for a better future? 


Tingono can predict which customers are the most likely to churn in the next 30 days. Or which are going to make some type of purchase in the next quarter. That's pretty powerful stuff. 


With Tingono, companies take the proactive steps needed to prevent churn. Or, the steps to best capitalize on new opportunities for additional sales.


Because when we can be more proactive, we maintain happier customers. We have longer relationships. We see more profits. 

Do more with the combined power of Gainsight and Tingono's Predictive Machine Learning Models 

There’s no getting around it - Gainsight is a valuable product, and for many SaaS companies, it’s indispensable. 


But, when we layer in better predictions that accurately utilize the various data points on a customer, we really start using the building blocks Gainsight has given us for even more. 


Tingono's predictive analytics capabilities can be a huge help to companies that want to stay ahead of the curve. It can help them to take the proactive steps they need to truly prevent churn.


Or, it might be used to help them capitalize on new sales opportunities.  8


As competition in the marketplace continues to grow, leveraging the power of AI and machine learning will become all the more crucial.


Those who are late to adopt this next level of data analytics will feel the burn much sooner than they think. 


Tingono's ability to analyze data, identify patterns, and make predictions that humans cannot do on their own makes it an invaluable tool in the customer success arsenal.


So, we know that Gainsight has already done so much to revolutionize what we know as "customer success".


But in 2023, it's the addition of Tingono's ML capabilities that will allow us to push past the noise. Let’s take this to the next level! 


By leveraging the tremendous power of AI and machine learning, companies can begin to extract even more value from the data already provided by Gainsight. 


So, are you ready to combine the powers of Gainsight and Tingono for a better experience for everyone? We want to talk!