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How Customer Expansion Can Boost Your Customer Success Strategy

Customer success is not only about retaining your existing customers, but also about growing their value over time. Customer expansion is the strategy of i...

Retaining Your Ideal Customer with a Better Post-Sales Experience: Lev...

So you’ve figured out your ideal customer: they have a critical problem your product is perfectly suited to solve, and they have the money to pay for it.

Predict with Tingono: Leveraging AI for Fired Up CS

You might be wondering what it’s like to actually use Tingono.

Customer-Led Growth: Could it be Your New Growth Strategy?

There are all types of different approaches to drive revenue for software product development.

The future of Revenue Operations (RevOps)

If you’ve helped drive revenue in your company the last few years, you've probably discussed how to make revenue more predictable.

How Tingono uses ChatGPT to help B2B post-sales teams boost revenue

There’s been a ton of talk lately about generative AI. You can find hundreds of how-to posts or videos about how to use ChatGPT in your daily life.

10 Must Read LinkedIn Posts: Revenue Growth (January 2023)

There’s no question there is a wealth of information available on LinkedIn. The collective wisdom can be staggering.

4 Signs You Aren’t As Data Driven As You Think: Part 2 - Messy Data

Sami and I started Tingono to deal with a specific problem, namely boosting recurring revenue growth. You can read more about it in my very first blog post...

4 Signs You Aren’t As Data Driven As You Think: Part 1- Data Siloes

In 2022, the world created around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day!

Deep Learning & Revenue Forecasting

Wouldn’t it be nice to see into the future?

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